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The girl didn't speak English, but there is a difference between English and English - and the translated name of the girl was Sana Kurosaki. She's from Japan, but in the core - the girl's name is Kanoi-san, and it is very beautiful, so the guy chose an Asian, covered her with kisses, brought her a big dick, put it into her pussy, with which it turned out to be very hard - in the fiercest way possible - and that's how this guy gets a girl, where the one loves the girl! The girl herself was very good, but the boy he pulled her into his pants, pushing a finger into the hole, as if that was his cock. And she was sorry - I don't know, they'll fuck and she'll love him, and will forget the agony, when you don't fuck someone like that in the middle of the woods

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  • 12:23
  • Jun-13.2020

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